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Furniture manufacturers vary in size and their level of needs are different. While some might be producing hundreds of products, others might be operating at a much smaller scale with just a handful of customers a day. What they do have in common is that they need a system to manage their operations – regardless of their size.

McRoskey Mattress needed a solution to help manage their level of quality customer service and track orders from point of sale to delivery. While not a Fortune 500 company, they did require a system that could better manage their inventory levels and help appropriately quote made-to-order products. Their custom mattresses, and their attention to detail, required a solution that could be tailored to their business.

Watch this short video to learn how McRoskey Mattress used SAP Business One to manage their bill of materials, accounting, and fulfilment. For them, SAP Business One was a simple application that could manage the intricacies of their production process. The best part – it’s cost effective and scaled to fit any business.

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“Our main focus is sustainability, and this solution has helped us so that we can be there in another 111 years ."

 - Rob Burke, Vice-President, McRoskey Mattress 


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