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Selecting the Right ERP Solution 

The itSHOWCASE was a great event to get information you need about technology solutions for your business. However you will still need to do more research to find out what ERP solution would best suit your business. With several vendors at the event providing ERP solutions, it can also be overwhelming trying to determine a partner that can help you pursue your 2019 growth goals.

Whether you are looking to replace your current business management solution or are considering an ERP system for the first time, one of the common pitfalls that can affect the success rate of ERP adoption is a lack of strategic planning. 

Vision33's latest small business guide was designed to help simplify the ERP selection process for your business. The detailed steps and best practices found within are based on the experience of our expert team of business consultants and IT professionals. Through over 1,000 successful implementations, they’ve helped redesign growing businesses' processes to help them leverage transformative business technology and achieve their goals for growth.

 In Vision33's ERP Selection Guide, you'll learn how to:

  • Assess Your Need for a New Business Management Solution
  • Understand the Difference Between ERP and Accounting Solutions
  • Assess Your Business’ ERP Readiness
  • Evaluate ERP Solutions on the Market
  • Select an ERP Partner
  • Choose ERP Options for Deployment

If you think your business is a candidate for moving to an ERP solution, it’s important to think of ERP selection as more than a single step and instead as a process, part and parcel of your overall business strategy.



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